FAQ's about The One Day Landlord


These are a few of the questions that have been asked. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Who and What is The One Day Landlord (TODL)?

We are a new company who offers Rental Property Services, targeting Landlord's who are interested in an affordable alternative toward conventional Property Management. We specialize in property preparedness improvements which include the scheduling, monitoring, and inspection of all work as agreed upon to be performed on your property.

Why Would I request the services of TODL, as opposed to a Full Service Rental Management Company?

First, if you seek the variety of services traditionally offered by a Full Service Rental Management Company such as accounting, tenant recruitment/management, lease agreements, and evictions, then The One Day Landlord would not meet those needs. TODL would freely recommend to you a list of reputable, Full Service Rental Management Companies, if that is the service level and associated expense you seek.

How is TODL different in their management objectives, compared to a Full Service Rental Management Company (FSRM)?

TODL, if you will, is Not your run of the mill Property Management Company but a Rental Property Services company. Our strength is getting your unit up and running and ready for occupancy in the shortest time period necessary, and usually under challenging circumstances all the while facilitating and coordinating needed repairs long as it does not entail those services that FSRM traditionally offer such as Lease/Rental agreements and re-occurring monthly service costs involving agreements/ contracts

Give me an example of a situation why I would hire TODL as opposed to a FSRM, or why I wouldn't just continue to manage my own unit(s) on my own?

We are here 24 hrs a day. Let's say, for instance you are unable to tend to your rental unit(s) due to sickness, or you are about to depart on or are currently away on that long deserved vacation, or you're just too swamped with other matters such as your job, taking care of young kids, or an elderly parent. The One Day Landlord is here for you. With our directory of reliable trade service personnel we are adept at getting units repaired, cleaned, and ready for occupancy when vacancies arise.

Is there a required membership, or any on-going monthly or yearly costs or obligation?

Absolutely not. Our service is finished when you inspect your property and everything agreed upon such as that new faucet, paint, carpeting, drywall repair, or whatever was agreed upon has been satisfactorily completed. The One Day Landlord is returning value, with a no bells and whistle approach or nickel and dime charges, which ultimately increases your expenses and reduces your income, but most importantly still leaving the command and control of your property, to the person who cares most about it, you.

TODL understands that a Landlords job is demanding at times, especially when that tenant you had moves out and it is time for that paint job, carpeting, roof repair, gardening, or maintenance in general. But those of us who are Landlords realize that this period though one of the most time consuming, nerve racking and costly, is for the most part temporary. For some Landlords, due to the long distance to the property location, or a health condition, it might pay to turn all responsibilities over to a FSMC. Many Landlords on occasion sometimes feel, that the next vacancy will be their last, and entertain the notion of throwing in the towel, turning their property over to a FSMC or just selling. Being a Landlord, for many is their main source of income.

How much is this service going to cost me, and what do I exactly get for my money?

The One Day Landlord will cost you only $ 35.00 an hour, with a 3-Hour minimum.($105.00)

Here is a routine scenario: You call the TODL and before we arrive at the job site it will be determined if you should seek the services of a Full Service Management Company. If we feel, after either our phone or work-site assessment, that you might be better served by a FSMC, we will make that recommendation. An example of when to use a FSMC might be a recently widowed woman/man whose spouse wore all the hats while managing their 4-plex with some current residents late or behind on their rent as well as half the units vacant. You may require a more hands on approach in re-establishing control of your property.

Do you own or have an interest in the maintenance/repair company that will be performing the repairs on my property?

No we don't. The water becomes a little murky when a Full Service Management Company orders and then performs their own repairs, with an in-house division. Repairs sometimes result in becoming inflated or were maybe unnecessary, so TODL wishes to avoid any perceived conflict of interest. We have nothing to gain should a standard rental grade $80.00 sink faucet suddenly becomes replaced with a $3500.00 14k gold plated one, especially without the owner's knowledge let alone consent.

Can my tenant just call you if there is a problem, if I'm not around?

That would be no problem, as long as you pre-authorize the tenant to contact us, when a problem arises. That can be quickly remedied by letting us know in advance that, for instance; Mrs. Smith in "A", Mr. Ramirez in "B",the Jones in "C" located at 1234 Main St. are permitted to call us, in an event that you the owner are unable to handle.

Can you run me through a job request scenario, I still don't get what I'm paying you to do?

Okay. Your tenant in 4B gave you notice but decided to take off to Peru, using his deposit for 2 weeks rent and forgoing his cleaning deposit, because he knew it would cost him 3 times that amount just for the burn holes in the carpet. You only realize he has moved out, when a neighbor notifies you there is a foul smell coming from the place, the reason being the utilities were turned off last month leaving everything in the fridge to ferment, not to mention the char burns on your refurbished oak floors the result of him Barbecuing indoors as though he was on a camp out.

You take one look, and you get that feeling in the bottom of your gut. There's one problem. You are catching a cab to the airport in one hour, taking your wife away for both of your 20th anniversary the one you've been promising for the last 19 years. So instead of dealing with the unit, having to make call after call, getting this quote for that, hearing the soonest I can get over there is next week, or I'm booked until, or "I'll meet you at the property, and they are a no-show.

You remember The One Day Landlord. We assess the situation together, I schedule all the work, at the end you will receive individual itemized repair bills for services rendered. We will initiate, monitor, trouble shoot all repairs, making sure the work is being performed and the materials, products requested are as agreed upon . Our priority is getting your rental property up and running in the quickest time possible. We are not contracted exclusively to any one company, worker, supplier, only one, our client, you. So should you find yourself in a jam or just need a break, give us a call.